Lady Mumbai

Released January 26, 2013


Produced by Ron K and jrs
Composed and Performed by The Warheads
All songs Published by Drop The Bomb Music BMI 2012
Except for: *JOURNEY Composed by Alice Coltrane
Performed by Flotation Device Too
Recorded at Radical Sound Studio San Francisco California
Pre Production and Engineering by Eliot Bates
Arranged by Ron K and jrs
Recorded and Mastered by Ron K


Deepak Ram – Bansuri Flute
Benito Cortez – Violin
Eliot Bates – Oud
Marty Batista – Rhodes Electric Piano
Crackhead – Acoustic Bass
Hudson Bunce – Drums
John Krimstock – Guitar
Ron K – Guitar on *Journey
Steve Menasche – Conga and Drums on *Journey
Jai Young Kim – Moog Synthsizer, Keyboards
Ahron Bholsta – Tabla, Bansuri Flute on Battle Cry Baby
Kamran Thunder – Ney
Micha Patri- Conga, Djembe and Percussion

Track listing

Lady Mumbai6:19
Battle Cry Baby6:04
Kiss Bang Kiss6:10
Ask the Dust5:39
My Gun My Rules5:40
Flow Her Tears4:00
Lady Mumbai