Killed In Action

Released March 12, 2005


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Music composed and performed by THE WARHEADS
Produced by THE WARHEADS
All songs published by Drop The Bomb Music. BMI 2005
Recorded at Radical House, San Francisco CA
Engineered and mastered by Ron K and Eliot Bates
Assistant Engineer Virgil Scott Arranged by Ron K and JRS
Cover art by Z O’Hora


Vocals – Grace
Trumpet – Tom Dambly
Flute – Deepak Ram
Organ – J Fienstien
Saxaphone – Gregg Mazel
Sampler, Keyboard – Jai Young Kim
Guitar, Bass – Ron K
Sampler, Keyboard – Aaron Whitney
Drums – Tommy Ufkes
Upright Bass – Craig Gotsil
Turntables – DJ Zeph
Keyboard – Jessie Dyen
Rhodes – Walter Earl
Sound Effects – Chris Carlone
Organ – Matt Cunitz
Bass – Mike Dipirro
Trumpet – Jon Birdsong
Guitar – TTL
Guitar – Paul Kolesnikow

Track listing

Walter's Bag3:00
Bomb Tested4:15
We Are Not Receiving Them4:28
Low Speed2:00
Distant Voices4:42
Dare To Experiment3:50
Let Matt Have It3:48
Weather or Not4:58
Prom Theme0:47
Down the Rabbit Hole4:41
Smooth Talk5:37
Jaco Waco3:37
Please Forgive Me3:12
Open Your Eyes0:57
Last Drop2:48
Once More1:10
Back To Front2:24
Killed In Action