Funk N' Gandhi

Released February 27, 2010


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Music composed and performed by Funk N' Gandhi
Produced by THE WARHEADS
All songs published by Drop The Bomb Music. BMI 2005
Recorded at Radical House, San Francisco CA
Engineered and mastered by Ron K and Eliot Bates
Assistant Engineer Virgil Scott Arranged by Ron K and JRS
Cover art by Mike Lewis (


Flute – Deepak Ram
Saxaphone – Gregg Mazel
Guitar, Bass – Ron K
Drums – Tommy Ufkes
Turntables – DJ Zeph
Piano, Rhodes – JRS
Keys – Jessie Dyen
Samples – Jai Young Kim

Track listing

Dipped In Ghee5:02
From Her Voice5:07
Funk N' Gandhi5:48
Mechanical Means5:14
My Bombay5:10
Border Crossing1:00
Once More3:00
The Star Raga4:04
What Did She Say3:27
Boxed Ram6:19
Funk N' Gandhi